The Mediterranean solar plan benefits from a context of very favorable current events. The sustainable development is in the heart of the strategies of the countries in the Euro-MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region: protection of environment and the climate, economic and social development. The security of supply and the energy independence are increasing and crucial concerns for the governments in front of fluctuations in the energy prices.

The recent market study of IHS consulting confirms the strong growth between 20 and 30 % of all the solar technologies for 2015 and the trends of strong lower costs such as announced by EIA. While the photovoltaic solar technologies now have reached the parity with the fossil sources for power generation, the accelerated development of solar power plants is a strategic axis of the energy transition, which is to lead in order to quickly answer the stakes.

The perspectives of the new economy of the Euro – MENA region could find to be embodied in a big mobilizing technological project, the Mediterranean Solar Plan, representing a great future and qualified jobs. Histories open the way: the revolution of the solar energy has started in MENA; a number of countries in the region have increased their national solar plans. The most ambitious plans to this day on the horizon 2020-2030: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. In particular, the solar plan of Morocco demonstrated the international interest and the potentiality of financing.

Therefore, 50 to 100 GW of solar power generation should be installed by on 2030 in MENA.

Actually, a numerous factors set up the Euro – MENA as the future world leader of the solar energy. The attention and the financial and technical assistance brought by the international community to the energy transition process for the climate and the development; the economic take-off of the revolution of the solar energy; the experience feedback of the first projects of solar power plants which obtain a decisive support of the lessors and investors for international financing; the wish of the international agencies to diversify countries helped in the development of their solar potential; the interest of the internal public opinion of the Euro – MENA for any initiative uncorking on creations of jobs and clusters of future for the regional and national economy.

The co-development between Europe and the MENA region is essential. The European council of October 23-24th, 2014 on the framework of action regarding climate and energy for expresses the wish of the strengthening of a new Energy Community by associating the nearby countries, in the light of the concerns of the EU bound to the security of supply. It also means to take advantage of the instruments of foreign policy which have the EU and its Member-states and send coherent messages regarding energy security, in particular to the strategic partners and to the big suppliers of energy.

To answer a request widely expressed by the various political authorities in the North and in the South, is needed a dynamics of development projects of photovoltaic and thermodynamics solar energy in the Mediterranean. In this direction, the Association Mediterranean Solar Plan receive an increasing support from French, European and  MENA partners who consider that this long-term, federative project and its high potential visibility must be amplified.

Founder of the Concept of the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP), the Association was created as a non-profit organization within the framework of the initiatives in the Mediterranean region. Its vocation is to gather industrial companies, public authorities, experts, economists and scientists to set up and promote an efficient collaborative action plan to help the different bodies in the development of solar related projects.

It provides support to developers and investors in the solar industry. It certifies the solar projects and it attributes its labels Plan Solaire Méditerranéen “(registered trademark with INPI under n° 3658518) and Mediterranean Solar Plan (registered European trademark with OHMI under n°009590548).

The Mediterranean Solar Plan Association includes the experiment and the development of solar technologies and the industrial scale operation of the solar potential of the Sahara Desert, a concept which may modify in an important way the energy equation of the countries of the Mediterranean region, and create a dynamic of investments and infrastructure for growth and for employment.

Mediterranean Solar Plan Association fully support the efforts of its Members to apply for projects, seek and allocate external funding, and companies required as our Members to participate in the MSP program and act to develop solar power generation in countries South and East of the Mediterranean.

Any programs and activities that can help our Members to make this initiative MSP a success is supported by us and we are convinced that it is important that our organization works close to governments and help them as much as possible to execute this promising Concept.

MSP wants to stay at the front of progress and cooperation for social and economic development now largely expected from solar energy.

Christian Stoffaës

General Delegate

Mediterranean Solar Plan